Deliberate Behind-The-Scenes Manipulation Of Information

Those words, a “deliberate behind-the-scenes manipulation of information,” are a direct quote from current LHCC director Pat Shields, written to explain his resignation from the LHCC board in 2003. That manipulative behavior is just as prevalent today. LHCC directors will say just about anything – even if that means completely contradicting what they’ve said or written elsewhere – to get what they want.

Dave Buermeyer’s pitch for the UEP at the Reynolds Store Fire House proves this point. At the May 14th board meeting devoted to budget issues, Dave Buermeyer was arguing for spending cutbacks, telling other directors “we don’t have the money.” But these words might cause property owners to question the motivation behind the UEP, which will raise dues at a time when LHCC is running short of money. So, to make his UEP pitch more effective, Dave Buermeyer tore up “we don’t have the money” and replaced it with “financially, we’ve been getting better, stronger….” To state the obvious, he lied.

Issue One Story Another Story Importance
LHCC Finances Wayne Poyer says LHCC is “so, so deeply in deficit”1 Dave Buermeyer says “financially, we’ve been getting better, stronger….”2 There’s no way around saying Dave Buermeyer lied in an effort to sell the UEP. If it takes lies to sell something, it’s not worth buying.
The Utility Extension Program Pt 1 Wayne Poyer wrote “The Association cannot assume the responsibilities of that failed developer to extend utilities to your lot.”3 Frank Heisey wrote to members “LHCC is responsible for expansion of the water and sewer system.”4 First, LHCC tells Membership Lot owners they’re responsible for utilities, so they pay dues to LHCC; then, after collecting huge sums, LHCC says it’s not responsible.
The Utility Extension Program Pt 2 Wayne Poyer said about a home owner’s concerns about the UEP that he “doesn’t have a dog in this race actually”5 Fact: LHCC will be investing a portion of everyone’s dues – including homeowners – to pay for utility line extensions. Dismissive insults are frequently used by LHCC directors to try to silence critics.
Voting LHCC’s Lots For New Declarations As LHCC President in June 2006, Chris Allison confirmed LHCC’s lots could not vote for a declaration – see how LHCC’s lots are deducted from the eligible total.6 Dave Buermeyer said “we’ve researched this…this is the right way to go…the only way to go…we are planning to vote accordingly.”7 When you flip-flop on the eligibility rules, you are trying to tip the outcome of an election.
Member Vote on the Decision to Sell LHEUC Frank Heisey wrote to members that “selling of the utility company would require a 2/3 majority vote of the eligible membership”8 Frank Heisey and LHCC filed a response with the court that said that they “deny that the sale requires a vote of the members” 9 LHCC defuses member concerns by promising them the power to vote on important issues, but then denies them that power when the issue is at hand. Will it do the same thing on concessions surrounding the golf course sale?
Proceeds from Utility Sale Pt 1 Chris Allison wrote they’d be “nearly 2 1/2 million”10 $1,163,589.30 actual proceeds 11 Actual proceeds were over $1.3 million (53%) lower than presented to members less than 1 year earlier
Proceeds from Utility Sale Pt 2 $1,690,000.00 projected as of the October 2006 Annual Meeting12 $1,163,589.30 actual proceeds 13 Actual proceeds were $526,000 (31%) less than presented to members about 2 months earlier
Proceeds from Utility Sale Pt 3 Chris Allison said “we actually got $1.3 million”14 $1,163,589.30 actual proceeds 15 No matter how many different amounts Chris Allison invents, the actual proceeds won’t change.
Amending the Deeds Chris Allison said that if the deed proposed in June 2006 failed to win approval, M & S would adopt the 72 page declaration in their sections16 Not a chance. Just 1 month after the vote, M & S adopted new deeds for its sections that were 5 pages long and nearly identical to the existing deeds that Chris Allison wanted to replace. Encouraged by M & S, Chris Allison spent so much money on new governing documents that even M & S itself refused to adopt. Apparently, M & S thought a simple 5 page deed was the right choice.
Current Sales of LHCC Lots Chris Allison said “I was one of the key people opposed” to reducing the price on LHCC lots17 Chris Allison voted in favor of reducing the selling price of LHCC lots at the 4/23/07 board meeting. If you’re not honest about how you voted on a simple lot sale, can you be trusted about more important issues?
2004/2005 Lot Sales to M & S Wayne Poyer says “those were membership lots, they had no utilities”18 This internal LHCC document from March 2003 shows that 32 of 48 lots to be sold had utilities. Wayne Poyer clearly knows that the Summit Center, which sits on one of those lots sold to M & S, has utilities – and therefore is not a membership lot.
M & S’s view of UEP Wayne Poyer says “if anything, this program is not in their best interest…I think Miller & Smith would just as soon not see this happen”19 Chris Allison says M & S has “already said they’re going to vote to approve this program” 20 Maybe Wayne Poyer should talk to M & S as much as Chris Allison apparently does?
2005/2006 LHEUC Rate Increase Chris Allison wrote that if the rate increase weren’t approved the “quality of life and the right to enjoy living in your home and community” would be affected21 SCC ruled the rate increase was “defective and should be given no effect.” After refunding the overcharge, LHEUC reported a profit through September 2006 of $65,459 22 Chris Allison used scare tactics to try to push through a utility rate increase, spent tens of thousands on lawyers appealing the SCC rejection of that rate increase, and 7 months later LHEUC reports profits without higher rates. Why?
The Different Stories at Lake Holiday

If anyone takes the time to review the statements of the board, a consistent pattern of doubletalk emerges. This doubletalk persists because members do not hold directors accountable for their actions. Until that changes, there’s no reason to expect that members will receive something other than doubletalk from LHCC’s directors.

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