Jill Holtzman Vogel’s VA POA Act Amendment Is Tabled

Sen. Jill Holtzman Vogel’s (R-27) emergency effort to amend Virginia’s Property Owners’ Association Act has been tabled for the special session still going on in Richmond. Her bill, SB6016 (our link is to a PDF redlined version of her bill provided to us by her office), Virginia Property Owners Association Act; reformation of declarations, was originally introduced in the Senate on Monday 6/23, where it was quickly referred to the Committee on General Laws and Technology. At a vote of that committee on Tuesday, the bill was reported out, or sent to the full senate. On Wednesday 6/25, the first vote on the measure in the full senate failed, but after a recess, a second attempt narrowly approved the measure by a single vote.

Following approval in the Senate, SB 6016 made its way to the House of Delegates, where it ended up in the Committee on General Laws. The next stop: the Housing Commission. And that’s where it stopped. Both we and others raised a number of concerns about the proposed legislation, perhaps the biggest of which was a serious question of constitutionality at the state and federal levels. The Housing Commission unanimously decided to table the bill for the remainder of this special session.

According to the Winchester Star, “Vogel repeatedly has stated that her bill is not related to an ongoing lawsuit against Lake Holiday Country Club Inc.” She continues to maintain this position. Bob Diamond, an attorney from Reed Smith representing Miller & Smith, and an attorney from Rees Broome, who happens to represent LHCC, were among the very few attendees commenting to the commission. Given their Tyson’s Corner offices are about 2 hours from Richmond, it’s an odd coincidence that attorneys for 2 defendants in a lawsuit happen to be about the only ones showing up to champion a bill that its chief senate patron said is “not related” to that lawsuit.

Start to nothing in 4 days. The legislative process is pretty quick in a special session.

We’ll discuss this further in due course.

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  1. Connie Olson says:

    I have seen the denials of Senator Vogel about her bill not being triggered by litigation, but I have not seen any statement from her explaining why this bill was so urgent to require introduction in special session without committee hearings and due process. Are her denials just political spin?

  2. Jill Holtzman Vogel is only one talking about emergency POA issues because none exist. It’s easy for Jill to drum up problems with the POA act at a Lake Holiday scripted setting, but Jill’s special interest bill was a foolish adventure to rescue a big developer in active litigation. She admits to not understanding POA issues and does not seek out House members with greater POA experience – she has none. Her bill, and the entire Vogel story doesn’t pass the laugh test. Jill Vogel is a sleazy developer friendly politican and voters need to remember that come election time!

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