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  1. Dr. Smith says:

    The real problem with Lake Holiday’s governance is that there are no independent checks and balances because the Board controls the attorneys and accountants and front office staff and all other staff for that matter. So just ask yourself, if you suspected that a Board Member was receiving a kickback or taking part in some other irregularity, who would you report the incident to for further investigation? Don’t think for a seond that the police would have any interest in your concerns because they would want some solid facts rather than your conjectures. And how are you going to get more facts, by requesting additional information from the Board or the front office staff who are totally controlled by the Board? How do you think Carl Simms lasted so many years with his corrupt shennigans? And Look how long Allison has lasted even with his extemely low popularity. And Allison is even planning to try to ram the revised governing documents through again, which by the way give the Board and it’s President even more unchecked control. We are clearly headed for much more pain until we have the courage to make some wholesale changes.

  2. jasontimberlake says:

    The payroll and financial records are mailed directly to the accounting office. I would encourage a visit to the accounting office and examine these records. Isnt that your right to examine the books and records of the Assoc and Utility.

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