No Serious Discussion Tolerated

The news according to LHCC: a meeting, open to any property owner, will be held on June 18th to discuss the impact of the Bemis lawsuit on Lake Holiday. Mark Stivers will “moderate” the discussion.

A simple, polite request to offer an other perspective:

With the simple request unanswered, a renewed request sent by fax:

A terse reply, sent by regular mail:

The meeting is billed as a moderated, open discussion of the impact of the Bemis lawsuit. It will be just a one-sided, controlled series of speeches by Stivers and others to advocate their positions. When you have to lure people, including a state senator, to a meeting by promoting it as something it’s not and your views can’t withstand polite discussion, you’re on shaky ground.

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  1. As a resident, homeowner and someone who would love for this lawsuit to go away, I think it would have been prudent and maybe even beneficial (not to mention fair) to hear the plaintiff’s side in an open forum.

    I am no attorney, but as a person of reason, this would have shed more light on the subject.

    Just my opinion.

  2. sick_of_the_nonsense says:

    It’s another scripted event by our Board designed to bring in cash for lawyers. Sing the fight song with a state senator and jump onboard with the embattled Board of Directors. Sign up to drag the community thru HELL so the big egos on the Board never have to admit collecting Millions in dues without authorization. What a big bunch of babies!

  3. The board dictatorship will never let anyone show and disrupt their little scripted sideshows. They retain power by controlling the flow of information at these events. Residents always hear the twisted side of things and the other side is mocked into silence or going away.

  4. Sounds to me like there is too many people in here that have let a title from the homeowners association go to thier head. Big deal folks you have to pull down your pants to sit on the thrown just like the rest of us bums….We had persons in the fireservie that forgot where they came from when they got promoted and put on a badge, We called them badge heavy, seems to me that the director and his followers are badge heavy and need to be reminded where they came from or done away with. I think this palce could use some freash air and new mangagement. It wasn’t this screwed up back in the 80s and early 90s…I am no Carl Simms fan, but it got a lot worse after he left. I would disban the current home owners assocication and re-organize into a new organization and let people live, there are too many rules in here, dam..we are suppossed to own our homes, and I for one don’t want to be dictated to when I can pant my house or to cut down a dead tree or one that threatens my house. Playing “mother may I?” is for kids, not home owners.
    I have been in and around this community since 1982, it was better off with the roads open and less rules. LET PEOPLE LIVE THIER lives. You want to spend money and control things- put it where it will do some good. We are a closed community under state law we qualify to have are own community “CAMPUS, stlye” Police force, we also need our own fire and EMS department, but instead of doing things that are possitive for the people who live here, money accounting is questionable at best and funds are waisted on unimportant things like tote bags? WTF? Get your heads out of your back sides. Like my dad used to say..”Sh…t or get off the pot” If you can’t do the job step aside and let some else in that can. After 30 plus years in public safety if I treated my patients as a Paramedic like the way things are run in here, I think all my patients would have died.
    It’s just a title don’t let it go to your head, either do the job right or hang it up. It’s really a shame when realtors HAVE to tell thier clinets beware of Lake Holiday and the politics, that it might become an OPEN community…I got to say at this point good let it, because all thats going on now is a lot of waited money and useless bickering between folks who want to be”?” and those who think they are”?”…. God knows what.

  5. It would be nice if we focused our energy on planning and growth. Gee with gas prices the way they are, doesn’t make more sense to try an intice some small grocery chain like IGA to come in and open a store, wouldn’t be nice if there was some sort of restaraunt by the lake or marina, a home sytle dinner or something that also offered some sea food? There used to be a snakshop and Grill at the community center, after it was the Proshop what happend to that? ANY thing is better then what we have going on now…constant in fighting.
    If Lake of the Woods can organize to grow their community for the property owners, we certainly should be able to, after all we are the only lake community of this size in Frederick County or anywhere else in the Northern Shenandoah region. We have something special out here, but who could tell? We should at least have some modern ammenities and shopping areas. Lake of the Woods and Smith Mountain Lake have thier own public safety agencies and or fire and EMS departments. But with all this fighting going on it’s easy to see how it’s too difficult to help your neighbor or think about planned growth.
    There are so many empty homes in here that are deteriorating, homes with severe water damage and mold, these are only hurting our community and pose a fire / health and safety risk. Several homes on Master, a brand new home on Nordic and homes on Lake View, you can’t get home loans on many of these homes becasue of the mold and damage. There are brand new homes in here that have been sitting empty for 2 years or more since being built. Why is this? With the phony politics in here and fighting going on, might be a good reason. These are some more important things to work on, then other areas being squandered on. There is even an opportunity for the community to make money on these properties as rental if the home owners association bought these and kept them up. It’s better then letting them sit and go to waste.
    My point is this is a small list of things we could be focused on, instead of the the things being argued over and which is more productive? People who know far more then I do, maybe could come up with a more productive list, that is if their titles don’t get in the way of thinking. One of the sayings we said in the Fire service in Northern Va..”common sense isn’t that common”..

  6. Charles Armstrong says:

    I currently live in Sunset Beach, NC. My wife and I are planning a move to Winchester to be closer to our son and grandchildren. We have looked in your community (Lake Holiday) several times over the last year. We even made an offer on one home contingent upon the sale of our home here. Fortunately, for us, that offer has expired. Viewing homes there is quite a hassle. We would have liked to have at least driven back by some of the homes with our son afterwards for an opinion, but without the realtor that was not possible. We viewed one home that was new, but a rental was beside it. The rental was in terrible shape with garbage in the drive. My wife called to ask what the rule was on rentals and did they not have to obey the community rules. The lady she spoke with was rude and unconcerned about her call since we were not residents. We live in a resort community here with 3 golf courses. Your closed course is another concern. Some of the homes we looked at backed to it and no one could say exactly what the real plan was for the vacant land. We are now looking only in the downtown area.

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