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Our Videos page includes our video gallery with all of our video clips organized 21 to a page, based on the date uploaded. Videos are large files and are best viewed using a broadband internet connection.

To watch a gallery clip, click on it to load it into the player, which appears after you’ve selected your clip; that clip will start playing automatically. Click the pause button to stop video playback. To return to normal browsing, either click the Close link or click anywhere outside the player itself.

A feed of our Top 21 Clips is a handy way to see what everyone else is watching.

You can also watch our video clips on the LakeHolidayNews channel.

If you’d like to comment on our video clips, just send us an email.

Since many and perhaps even the majority of Lake Holiday property owners live far from Cross Junction, Virginia (including most other US states and a few foreign countries), internet-served videos enable property owners who can’t otherwise attend public meetings to observe what goes on in their community.

In almost all instances, our video clips are unedited and, in all instances, representative segments of a longer meeting. A clip is focused on a single topic in a meeting that typically covers a dozen or more topics.

We try to strike a balance between preserving usability for a large number of our visitors and covering a topic from start to finish. In some cases, even a single topic exceeds the time or file size limits placed by public video sharing sites, and we have no control over these limits. Therefore, we make some editing decisions in order to make videos freely available on the web in a way that people can actually watch them.

If there’s no irrelevant material (such as pauses or unrelated comments) that can be edited out and the clip far exceeds time or file size limits, we break the clip into multiple parts that, if connected, would represent as closely as possible a continuous recording. If we can edit out irrelevant material and reduce a clip that is otherwise too long to an acceptable length, we edit out that material and insert a clearly visible transition effect (such as a slide off) to mark where we’ve made an edit. Sometimes, there are breaks in the original recording media we receive, such as a break to replace a full tape with a blank one. If we make a clip that spans this break in the original media, we also insert a transition effect.

If there’s no clearly visible transition effect, the clip is unedited.

We do not endorse any opinion, recommendation, or advice expressed in the video clips.