2007 Year In Review

Update: In response to feedback, we’ve adjusted the audio track and added a break of a few seconds about halfway through the video.

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Off To Court They Go…

In late May, Lake Holiday resident Bill Masters filed a lawsuit in the Frederick County Circuit Court, seeking a judicial review of the October 2006 board of directors election.

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Ladies, Check Your Watches!

It’s time for the LHCC Board to get ready for the October 2007 election, and that means creating a Nominating Committee.

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LHCC Dues Are Too High By As Much As 46%

LHCC’s dues are too high by as much as 46%, and spending is out of control. Worse still, LHCC’s directors want to make a profit of almost $1 million on the backs of members in 2007.

To fully understand this, we need to look at LHCC’s original budgets for 2006 and 2007 and correct them for several financial management mistakes. Since we’ll be developing our own corrected budgets, we’ll refer to the budgets available on LHCC’s website as of today (and linked above) as the “original” budgets and our own versions as the “corrected” budgets.

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Facts Trounce Hate Speak

Shame on Sue Fuerst. Her childish letter repeatedly refers to my brother Bill as “Sneazy”, a dwarf in a fairy tale. Bill is short and suffers from a rare bone disease. Her outright hate speak is among the most despicable behavior I have ever witnessed. Chris Allison and the LHCC board apparently support mocking the handicapped. Who’s next on their attack list? Recently, the supporters of the Board have stooped to spreading the false rumor that we have “sold out” and abandoned our reform efforts. This is not true. And by now you have the latest lie-filled panic attack from the Chris Allison supporters. Their strategy: If you can’t win based on the facts, attack someone’s handicap and resort to spreading lies.

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