Chris Allison Identifies His Partner

Many have wondered why Chris Allison and some Board members do such a good job of taking care of Miller & Smith. The answer: they’re partners. Have a listen to Chris Allison:

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Chris Allison and Miller & Smith are partners, executing their business plan.

You can’t look out for all members when you’re a partner with just one. That’s a very simple truth. The 7 directors we seek to remove came to power in the October 2005 election as a result of the votes cast by Miller & Smith and their builders. Since they took their seats, they’ve served the interests of their partner.

To see evidence of this, one needs look no further than this 23 second audio clip. When commenting on what would happen if his effort to amend the 17 deeds of dedication at Lake Holiday failed, Chris Allison states:

I would be willing to bet you that Lake Holiday LLC will adopt these documents for the Trust properties.

Previously, Chris Allison said that the law required the deed of dedication of every section at Lake Holiday to be amended by a vote of all owners at large – not section by section. That’s how he applied the law to every member – except Miller & Smith. But he applies a different rule of law to his partner, Miller & Smith. They can simply “adopt” new documents, without the vote of every other member.

That’s what you do when you have a partner.

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