It’s a Different Tune, but the Same Old Song

We’ve received a number of phone calls from members about the complete reversal of LHCC’s position on voting policies applicable to the upcoming vote on proposed governing documents. For the vote currently scheduled for 6/10/06, LHCC plans to:

  • vote for the new declaration at large, instead of section by section
  • allow M & S to vote lots for which it is not paying dues

Combining at large voting on the proposed declaration with allowing M & S to vote its over 700 non-dues paying lots, if allowed to take place, would determine the outcome of the election. For example, it would mean that the declaration for Section 6A with its 259 lots, a section where M & S owns no lots as of 4/30/06, could be amended even if every member in that section voted against the proposed declaration, because of the impact of M & S voting its over 700 lots. The impact on approval of the proposed Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation is even dramatic.

The directors and management of LHCC were adamant in public meetings in the spring of 2005 on 2 points: that any vote on the proposed declaration would be section by section, and that M & S would not be allowed to vote lots for which it is not paying dues, including voting its lots in an election on the new governing documents. This is a change of course if ever there was one.

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We Rate the Docs Zero Stars!

We’ve performed a careful review of the proposed governing documents, and there is one obvious conclusion: the documents as proposed are bad for just about every member, unless you are M & S or a future member of the Covenants Committee. There are 6 areas where the proposed documents hurt nearly every member:

  • Assessments
  • Easements
  • Amendment
  • Adding Land
  • Rights & Protections
  • Restrictions

Never forget that if your home or lot is a property at Lake Holiday, it is part of the Submitted Land and is covered by these governing documents.

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